Our 4th grade classroom will be a hive of activity this year!  Below is our typical schedule; however, it may change slightly based on students' needs, assemblies, or other special events.

Daily Schedule

8:40am Bellwork (this is review material to get our brains ready for the day)

9:00am Morning Meeting - we spend time greeting each other, talking about our plans for the day, and going over any important announcements.  

9:15am - Calendar/Weather/Math Review

9:30am - Math Introduction / Whole Group Lesson / Small Group and Enrichment

10:30am - RECESS

10:45am - Reading Workshop Part 1 (whole group): Phonics / Spelling / Handwriting

                                                   Read Aloud / Comprehension

12:05pm - RECESS / LUNCH

12:45pm - Reading Workshop Part 2 (small group):  this is when students rotate through literacy centers and also receive small group instruction

2:00pm - RECESS

2:15pm - Science or Social Studies 

3:00pm - Helping Hands - we clean up our classroom and get our backpacks ready

3:20pm - Goodbye until tomorrow (1:15pm on Fridays/last day of week)

9:30am - Block Time - Tues. - computers, Weds. - P.E., Thurs. - library, and Friday Art.

Music:  We also spend 30 minutes each week learning songs as a grade level that support our Utah Social Studies core.