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Welcome Back to Room 26

Welcome back to school!  I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade this year, and to welcome new (and returning) students to Room 26.  We are going to have an AMAZING, and super fun year!

Posted 9 weeks ago


I hope each one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  I enjoyed so much the students’ descriptions of your family traditions they shared in journals, stories, and poems last week.  I am thankful for the wonderful group of students and families I have the privilege of learning with this year.  Thank you for all you do to support your child and the Fox Hills community!

Posted 98 weeks ago

Back to School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have had a fantastic summer, filled with lots of laughs and memorable times (as seen above).  I can’t wait to meet each of you at Back to School night and look forward to a GREAT year!

Posted 115 weeks ago

Drum Bus & Butterflies!

Our class enjoyed working with African drums as part of our End of Year activity.  Each student had their own drum, and learned about how to make different sounds, create different beats, and produce amazing songs!


Our Painted Lady caterpillars transformed into butterflies over the weekend, and today we said goodbye to them and wished them well on the next stage of their life cycle…

Posted 124 weeks ago

So Many Things Growing in Room 26...

We have had so many green, growing, (and crawling!) things in our classroom the last few weeks!  For Mother’s Day, each student planted a ‘Vinca’ flower to give to a family member on their special day.


Shortly after that, we started our pumpkin seeds in clay pots we had each painted.  Some sprouted very quickly, while others are taking a little longer…

Then, our caterpillars arrived!  They were only about ½ inch long when we got them - six Painted Lady Caterpillars we will watch as they progress through their life cycle. Stay tuned for updates - these little guys are now over an inch and a half long, and have begun to attach to the top of the jar to form their chrysalises!

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Red Butte Garden Field Trip

Our class had an amazing time last Friday exploring Red Butte Gardens.  We were fortunate the weather cooperated with us and provided a wonderful day for observing so many different plants.  Students were able to find many plants they already knew of, as well as discover some new favorites!  Thank you to those parents who accompanied on our discoveries!

Posted 129 weeks ago

SEP Conference Thank you!

I wanted to thank each of you for coming with your child to the SEP conferences held recently.  I always enjoy talking with families about their child’s progress and goals for the rest of the year, and getting to know you better.  There is such a wonderful energy in the building when it is filled with students and their families, and I hope you know how much I appreciate the time you invest in supporting your child by attending these meetings.

Posted 138 weeks ago

Fox Hills Halloween Parade

The annual Fox Hills Halloween Parade was amazing, and it was wonderful to see all of the students’ delightful costumes.  Everyone had a lot of fun walking through the school and seeing the creative ways other students and teachers dressed up for the day.  I loved seeing so many of you as our class walked through the gym, and appreciate all you do to support our school!

Posted 154 weeks ago

Thank You Parents

Thank you to families who came to Back to School Night this evening.  It was fantastic to meet you all, and I am looking forward to beginning a great year with you and your child!  I can’t wait to meet the rest of you on Monday morning.  Remember, we line up on the west side of the school, around back just behind the Family Center.  Our sign will be up to remind you, and I will be looking for all of your smiling faces!

Posted 164 weeks ago

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