Welcome to the Computer Lab!

DAZE Login - students click here

We will be using many different websites this year, and it's important we know how to log in to each of them.  Also, learning to use the keyboard and mouse are skills we will be working on all throughout the year.  Below are lessons we will complete together during the first month of school.

Each of you will be given a Computer Lab Passport.  Your passport will give you personal login information for every program we use, and also show when you have passed off the lessons below.

Ready?  Let's begin!

Lesson 1:  Internet Safety and Parts of the Computer

Lesson 2: Mouse Practice and Network Login

Lesson 3:  Keyboarding Basics

Lesson 4:  More Mouse Practice and GoMath Login

Lesson 5:  SAGE Login and Keyboard Practice

Lesson 6:  Workshop Websites to Know

Lesson 7:  What in the World is Word?

Lesson 8:  Passport Check off - Ready to Travel online!