Lesson 5 - SAGE Login and Keyboard Practice

1.  Watch this video to see how we log into the SAGE testing program:

2.  After watching the video, turn to the SAGE page in your Computer Lab Passport.  Go to your desktop and click on the SAGE Login icon (it looks like a compass).

3.  Log into SAGE, then log out by clicking logout in the upper right hand corner, and clicking on 'Leave this page.'

4.  Now that you know how to get into SAGE, practice your keyboarding skills by playing this game:  Find the Letter!

Lesson 5 Assessment

  • Raise your hand to begin the assessment.
  • Show Mrs. Gavin how to log in and out of the SAGE system.

  • Use your keyboard to show Mrs. Gavin where certain letters are located.
  • Get your Day 5 Computer Lab PassportStamp!